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We offer two different size boxes and you are welcome to choose which size suits you best depending on your family size or the time you have to cook during the week!

Below are examples of what your box may contain. Contents will vary depending on the season and product availability.

Our small box, contains seasonal produce for 2-4 people and contains 9-10 items for $30.

Our large box contains seasonal produce for 6-8 people and contains 14-15 items for $40.

You may choose to have your box delivered weekly or biweekly depending on your individual needs. You may choose to change your box size with a week advanced notice.

The produce in your box is grown locally and once it is harvested, it will be delivered the next day. Most of the produce in your box is grown by Lincoln Spring Farms. To offer you a wider variety of goods, some produce may be supplemented from other local farmers. Please see our harvest calendar as contents vary depending on the season.

Weekly: 1X
Bi-Weekly: 2X
Monthly: 4X

Lincoln Spring Farms customer will receive their freshly harvested produce in a re-usable box. If possible, we would like to collect it on your next delivery. This way we can re-use your box and cut down on costs and save the environment & staying green.