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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Support your school and local farming and encourage great eating habits!
Fundraising for schools, churches, and other organizations!
Become a member of Lincoln Spring Farms!

  • Promotes healthy eating and cooking habits!
  • Fundraising without the unhealthy candy bars, cookies, etc!
  • An assortment of nourishing fruits and vegetables that vary by season!
  • Collaborate with local farmers and learn what is in season throughout the year!
  • Educates about local farms and farming methods!
  • Conveniently delivered to your doorstep!

What are the contents?

  • A small or large box of fruits and vegetables that are currently in season!
  • Most of the produce is grown by Lincoln Spring Farms located in Cypress and Long Beach. Produce will be supplemented from other local farms to provide a larger variety in your box!
  • Boxes will be delivered (weekly/bi-weekly) directly to your home, school, etc, or can be picked up at a drop-off location!
  • Sorry! Members will not have a choice of fruits and vegetables they will receive!

What is the cost?

  • The cost will be $30 for a small box and $40 for a large box per week.
  • The school/organization will receive $5 for every box purchased from Lincoln Spring Farms.

How do I become a member?

  • Become a member by logging on to Lincoln Spring and create an account.
  • Members must sign up and pay for a minimum of four (4) weeks in order for their school/organization to receive their fundraising money.
  • Choose which size box you prefer and how often you would like it delivered (ex: weekly/bi-weekly).
  • Enter your school/organization code.
  • Determine whether you would like your box delivered to your home, school, etc, or if you would like to pick it up at our farm stand located at (3031 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA) (map). We know your time is valuable so delivering to your doorstep will save you time and the hassle of searching for parking at school, making it very convenient for you.
  • At the end of the month, we will add up your school total, for each school/organization and send the PTA, (or person in charge of organization), a check for the total amount.